Name this book: your chance to help pick our subtitle

It’s all but certain my book title will be Write Hard, Die Free. (Titles, you may not know, generally are a negotiation between author and publisher. Fortunately, my publisher is a former newspaperman.)

It needs a subtitle, too. I’ve thought of many and boiled them down to this list. I’d like to know which you like best, and whether maybe you have a better idea of your own.

To vote on these, pick your top three favorites and send them to me ranked First, Second, Third. (If you have three ideas that all better than mine, great. Send ‘em all.) You can send them in with
the feedback form here, or email me by clicking the Contact Me link below.

Write Hard, Die Free

1. How we won the Alaska Newspaper War
— and had some fun along the way

2. Dispatches from the front lines of
one of America’s last newspaper wars

3. Dispatches from the Alaska Newspaper War

4. Dispatches from the front lines
of Alaska’s great newspaper War

5. Battling corruption, Big Oil and bad journalism
to win the Great Alaska Newspaper War

6. Battling corruption, Big Oil & bad journalism
to win the Alaska Newspaper War

7. Battling corruption and Big Oil
to win the Alaska Newspaper War

8. [Insert your better idea here]

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