Feb 2012

New photos from a masterful photographer

My friend Carl Costas (www.carlcostas.com) has made some terrific photos of me for use in promoting Write Hard, Die Free.

Here are three I’ve picked for various uses. Comments, as always, welcomed.

This one will probably be used for general distribution.

I like this one with the iPad and books together
as a visual testament to symmetry.

This one offers some variety.


Countdown to book release

Counting down …

Things are still on track for the release of
Write Hard, Die Free as planned in Anchorage April 20.

As things stand now, the debut event will be an onstage interview with
Anchorage Daily News columnist Julia O’Malley followed by a Q&A. Since the event is part of the annual statewide Alaska Press Club conference, I’m expecting knowledgeable questions—including the prospect of hearing from folks who lived through the era with me.

Preliminary plans also include an appearance on the “Talk of Alaska” program on the Alaska Public Radio Network and a lecture or reading at the Loussac, Anchorage’s central city library. Other radio shows are possible, too. We’re likely to take the show on the road to
Fireside Books in Palmer (be sure to note their url) and to a location TBD in Homer.

I’m more than open to suggestions, too: ideas for locations, house parties, Dunk the Author carnivals and the like.

Plans are still being made for Fairbanks and Juneau. I expect we’ll find opportunities in both towns. Seattle is on the docket, too, owing to its long historical ties with Alaska, and I believe the California State Library will host an event here on account of my residency.

Some details I’ve enjoyed learning:

  • The publisher says the book likely will be printed at McNaughton & Gunn in Saline, Michigan
  • The book is set in Minion Pro 11.5pt type. Chapter headings and titles are Helvetica. It looks great.
  • I think the book comes in right around 250 pages long counting 16 pages of photos.

Sample typeset page (not actual size):