What should the cover of the eBook edition do?

Here’s another cover question I could use your consultation on: Should the eBook cover be designed differently than the print cover? If so, how?

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My assumption is that it should. EBooks first chance to make an impression often is on screen, usually at a size not much bigger than a postage stamp. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for visual information.
My friend
Peter Dunlap-Shohl agreed to try designing a few concepts, and we both liked this one best.
How do you think it works? What does it lose by having no photo or other image?
Is the title sufficiently engaging to get you to click it for more information?
One other aspect: I assume the eBook version will be the typical choice for one audience I’m aiming to interest, namely people involved in thinking and talking about journalism transformation in the emerging new media world. That’s why I’m considering a different subtitle for this version, one that makes it clear there’s more than history and war stories in this book.
I’d appreciate hearing what you think about any of this, or anything else related to the subject.